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Dr. Clifford was a god send. After a year of being treated by medical doctors and physical therapists Dr. Clifford was able to relieve 80 percent of my pain within a few visits.

-Tara S.

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​Since using your services, I feel better at age 65 than I did at 55! Thank you so much!

- Leon S.

​When I injured my Knee playing softball, I thought I would never squat behind the plate again. Thanks to Dr. C's patience and amazing technique, I am now a starting catcher for Wilmington College. Thanks Helping hands!

- Amanda C.

Former Member of American Chiropractic Association 

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Doc C was incredibly responsive to the stress and pain I was experiencing. He listened to my needs and managed to bring me to a state of relaxation I have never experienced before. Thanks!

- Kay E.

​Not only do your adjustments relax me, but they promote healing. I have never felt better! Thanks!

- Tina F.​

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Thanks Dr. Clifford. You made me feel comfortable right away. Using your services was the best decision I ever made!

- Cindy P.

Harness the natural healing power of your body, mind, and spirit!

Clifford Chiropractic Center

Bill not only relieved my pain, but also improved my bowling since my first Clifford Chiropractic Center adjustment. After only my second treatment I bowled back to back 300 games!

- Steve E.​